Most of us think of a real estate agent as representing the seller, which they usually are. This means that the commission for buyer’s agent has already been pre-negotiated into the price. Having your own representation is always a good idea, and most importantly it won’t cost you a penny.

A good buyer’s agent can help you find the right home quickly because they know the area and have access to listings, open houses, and other pertinent information. Your buyer’s agent can advise you on market conditions and appropriate prices, pre-inspect homes for you so you don’t waste time on something completely unsuitable, and recommend other professionals you may need from home inspectors to real estate attorneys. The seller’s agent has a legal responsibility to act in their best interest, not yours. You need a trained professional in your corner, and that’s a Buyer’s Agent.

Choose your agent with as much care as if you were selling a home and if they want you to enter into a formal agreement, make sure it includes a cancellation clause in case you aren’t satisfied with the service. I would suggest looking for a realtor with a (ABR) designation as they are accredited buyer’s representative who specialize in working on the buyer side.

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