A lot of people make the mistake of not being pre-­approved by their mortgage specialist before they start shopping. This could become a COSTLY mistake if it’s not taken seriously. Let me give you an example.

You start shopping for your first home and you find an INCREDIBLE deal that perfectly fits your needs and on top of that, the seller wants to sell quickly so the price of the house is a little bit under the actual market value.

You get all excited and decide to make an offer BUT you then realize that you aren’t the only one who loved the deal and there is a second offer on the table.

Even though you offered to pay a little bit more for the house, the seller ends up taking the second offer for the following reason:

Since he was looking to sell it ASAP, and even though the second offer was a little bit under yours, he took it because the buyer had PROOF that he could borrow the exact amount that he offered and that he could close the deal in 3 weeks. That heart ache is totally preventable if you take the time to get pre-approved.

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