Most of us have experienced it - leaving an apartment or house we’ve grown to love and moving into a stark and empty new place that doesn’t feel like home at all. And while you may have found a beautiful home you love, moving can be shocking and painful. 

As humans, we grow attached to places just like we grow attached to people. And moving away from a place that served us as our home for months, years, sometimes decades can feel like grieving. 

There are plenty of ways to make the transition easier, like asking family and friends for help, hiring professional Houston movers, or moving your things over a longer period of time. Below, though, we’re looking into 3 tricks for the homesick. Keep reading to find out 3 ways you can make your new house feel especially homey. 

#1: Set aside some cash.

It doesn’t have to be much. But give yourself a budget (whatever you can) and the permission to make the space yours. Oftentimes because of financial strain, the stress of a move, or the time-crunch of starting a new job, we can put decorating on the back-burner. 

But the aesthetics of our home affect our moods, creativity, stress levels, focus, health, even our memory retention. So give yourself a few dollars and a little time to make the space yours.

Have an extremely tight budget? Work with what you’ve got! Repurpose old furniture. Or look up some budget-friendly DIYs

#2: Hang the pictures.

Setting up the furniture and putting down the rugs are the first steps in unpacking and moving in. But we’ve noticed that there’s a big difference in the feel of a furnished home versus a decorated home. While the former may look nice and set up, the later feels personalized, interesting, and, well, homey! 

So put up some pictures. Try the art-lean technique if you can’t or don’t want to put holes everywhere. Buy some unique plants, paintings, or throw-pillows. Most importantly though, don’t just fill the space with trendy, stock pieces (aka, try out something other than or at least in addition to the ubiquitous Fiddle-leaf fig). 

Pick photos, art, and decor that you really love (think Marie Kondo sparks-joy kind of love). Bring your personality into your home. Pick your favorite colors, put up photos of cherished memories and people in your life, or pictures that inspire you. Set out artwork that expresses your style.

A little tip: While you can be aware of following a color theme, don’t worry as much about things matching. Instead, collect items that you genuinely love. Naturally, the space will come together, feel unique instead of generic and predictable, and make you feel at home.

#3: Play party planner.

Sometimes feeling homesick has more to do with the relationships we’re leaving behind than the four walls we lived within. If you feel like that’s the bottom issue, make it one of your top priorities to make your new home a place where the people you love can gather. By making happy memories with the people you love in your new home, you’ll quickly associate those memories and those people with the place you’ve gathered. 

Throw a housewarming party. Invite old friends to come and visit once you get settled in. Send your kids to a good babysitter and have a date-night in. Plan some fun family activities you can enjoy at home. Even just eating together regularly will greatly increase your sense of well-being in your home. 

A final word of advice: give it time. One way we create emotional bonds with places is simply by spending time there (you could probably get sentimental over a shed if it was your home for three years). Moving is stressful. You’re most-likely sleep deprived and a lot is changing at once. Give yourself the time to adjust, try out our tips, and soon you’ll be feeling right at home.


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