Bill Rapp here with the Heartfelt and Hot in Houston Blog, and this is our newest segment: Houston-renters shell out to-stay-cool!

Swimmers sprinkle water onto a baby in a float Thursday, July 4, 2019 at Creekwood Pool in The Woodlands. Renters with access to a pool pay an average of $120 more than the median rent, according to an analysis. When it comes to amenities, Houston renters are more interested in cooling down than getting sweaty. Houston-renters shell out to-stay-cool!

The average Houston renter pays $120 more a month for a home with a pool, according to a HotPads analysis. That's compared to $37, on average, for an onsite fitness center. Relative to Houston's median rent, that $120 amounts to a 7.5 percent pool premium, one of the highest in the country. Only nine out of the top 50 metro areas ranked higher, including Las Vegas, Tampa, Fla., San Antonio and Dallas. The national average is only 4.5 percent, or $70. "Scorching hot summers certainly contribute to how much value a pool will add to a rental," Joshua Clark, an economist at HotPads, said in a press release. But supply is another part of the equation. Houston-renters shell out to-stay-cool!

"Areas where pools are very common may make the premium paid for them smaller, thanks to less competition for access to a relatively abundant amenity," Clark said. "An area's culture can also play a role in how people value pools — renters in Phoenix might value having a place to host a pool party, while people in Denver may prefer to keep the yard space for other purposes and take a dip in an alpine lake or river instead." Houston-renters shell out to-stay-cool!

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