It’s Bill Rapp, the Mortgage Viking here, let me tell you a little story about one simple life lesson that I hold dearly...

Did you know that you can determine your happiness and success just by the way you think? 

Scientists and athletes have proved that you can control your thinking, and optimism, by using techniques like neurolinguistic programming, cognitive awareness, and even hypnosis. 

Let’s face it: you can’t always change events in your life…but you can change the way you perceive or think about them.  

Here are 9 strategies you can use to get the power of positive thinking working for you:

1.       Choose To Be Positive.  Yes, optimism is a choice.  Make a commitment each morning to be positive…to choose the lighter side of life.

2.       Use Empowering Self-Talk.  Use words like, “How can I,” “I will, It’s possible.” “It can be done!” rather than “why me”, “never again”, etc.

3.       Exercise daily. Commit to getting some kind physical exercise everyday! Whether it’s walking, swimming, dancing, riding a bike, playing tennis or golf, choose something that you enjoy and make the commitment to yourself. This is one I have recently been struggling with, but I'm getting myself back into my morning routine.

4.       Surround Yourself With Positive People.  Choose to surround yourself with positive role models, whether they’re friends, colleagues, or business associates.  Negative people can drag you down. No one needs negativity in their life.

5.       Find Balance In Your Life.  Limit your news intake each day.  Stay informed, but focus on positive news. Make it a practice to read at least one daily inspirational story, quote, or book every day. This has never worked for me, but meditation is another avenue.

6.       Focus On Your Posture. When you stand, walk, or sit with good posture, you’ll not only feel and look better you’ll radiate self confidence! Motion creates emotion, smile when you talk on the phone.

7.       Set-backs Are Not Forever.  When faced with a setback, remember that it’s not permanent, things will get better.  Keep a broad perspective: situations change constantly, and there’s more in life than the specific problem you’re facing.

8.       Don’t Personalize Problems.  Events can happen that are outside of your control – try not to internalize them. Find an external solution to fix your issue.

9.       Think Positively and Expect Positive Outcomes.  Your ultimate success and happiness in life will not be determined by the setbacks you encounter, but by the setbacks you overcome, learn from, and continue onward.

The more I expect success it keeps happening. Give it a try, it just might change your life!

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