The Housing Affordability Struggle of 21st Century Veterans


With over 20 million U.S. military veterans currently living in America, a new study by Apartment List took a look at how this population segment has been faring in today's housing market. At first glance, Veterans appear to outperform non-veterans on key housing market statistics like homeownership rate and cost burden share. In fact, 76% of veteran households own their homes, compared to just 62% of non-veteran households.


Not only do veterans have a higher homeownership rate, but they also are less likely to be burdened by housing costs. Nearly a third of non-veterans pay more than the recommended standard of 30% of income. Veterans also fare far better on affordability; fewer than a quarter of veterans cannot afford their housing.

Post 9/11 Veterans Struggle With Affordability and Homeownership

When taking a closer look at this population and analyzing only Post 9/11 Era veterans, we notice that this group has astonishingly high cost burdens compared to prior generations of military service. Across all other previous tours of service, cost burden rates are below 25%. However, nearly 35% of post 9/11 veterans are cost-burdened.

Beyond the cost burden rate, this trend continues when comparing veteran homeownership by tour.

Houston Veterans

In Houston, the homeownership rate for non-veterans is 58%, and for the total veteran population in Houston, the homeownership rate is 69%. But when looking at just post 9/11 veterans, the homeownership rate is only 38%. The cost burden rate for non-veterans is 32%, and for the total veteran population in Houston, the homeownership rate is 25%. For post 9/11 veterans, the cost burden rate is only 36%

For more information on the reasons behind the new veteran's generation housing struggles, check out the full study here.

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